Inspired to Just Do Good!

“I have spent nearly 200 days in hospital. (almost 100 days in 2007 alone.) During this time; I was sick, misdiagnosed, operated on, had IV drips 24/7, and at stages was offered no hope or cure. I used visualisation, optimism and my passion for the ocean and life to overcome, survive and get out of hospital. I was lucky, I had something to live for! “ My Full Story here: ALL-HEART

In April 2016, as a middle aged, multiple cardiac surgery survivor, on the blood thinner warfarin, I sailed a tiny children’s Optimist dinghy over 200 Km in the open ocean. This represented each day I had  spent in hospital. My aim was to show people that small people can do big things.  We inspired patients,  kids and others to never ever give up, and we raised R300 000 for The New ICU at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.   Be a part of the journey and watch the trailer– HERE

Mission: To inspire many, raise funds for those in need, and to just Do Good!

Painting the Red Cross Children's Hospital

The painting of the facade of the Red Cross Children's Hospital is complete! Take a look at the behind the scenes footage of what went into this project and how the public came together to make this happen. A huge thanks to our Trust Ambassador Greg Bertish and all the sponsors that came on board, to make this project such a great success.

Posted by Children's Hospital Trust on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Optimist (noun): definition = An optimist is a person who engages in positive thinking, or “looking on the bright side” of things. Optimism is the outlook that good things will happen, even if the situation may not appear totally positive at the moment.

An Optimist Dinghy: definition = The Optimist is a small (8 foot by 3.5 foot), single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by children up to the age of 15. The Optimist (Opi) is known as a small Childs sailing dinghy, a bit of toy rather than a yacht. 

I want to use this Little Optimist children’s sailing dinghy as a metaphor and a vehicle to connect with kids, to promote positive thinking and belief, and to create a passion and purpose to overcome obstacles in life.

Through my work with children and The Children’s Hospital Trust, I have seen that many sick and scared kids (and everyday people)  have very little to fight and live for. They have no passion and no desire to get well and leave hospital, or even just to lead an inspired life.  As a child, I lacked confidence, had bad acne, was a poor student and  was bullied. Using my life changing experiences and adventures and with the backing of Warwick Wealth, I aim to inspire these kids to survive and thrive.  


Kevin Langeree the Kite Surfing Champion pays The Little Optimist a visit at the Volvo Ocean Race

Kevin was So stoked to hook up and hang out with Greg Bertish and the Little Optimist. He too learned to sail in an Optimist, so they chatted about these amazing little boats and all they had learned while sailing them as kids. Kevin was so happy to receive a signed...
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Feedback From Hawaii! @ the Waimea Ocean Festival 3/01/18

First reviews coming in from Hawaii and the Waimea Ocean Film Festival, The Little Optimist is touching hearts and inspiring people. Nice work Robert Whitehead and a big shout out to Derek Stuart for representing the Little Optimist in Hawaii. The Little Optimistic is...
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Children’s Hospital Trust accepts 220 Extra books 18/12/17

The CEO of the Children's Hospital Trust; Louise Driver accepted 220 Extra Little Optimist books last week! "Christmas is not so much about opening presents. but about opening hearts" Merry Christmas Children!!...
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A big thank you to everyone in the assisting of the fundraising for the Red Cross Hospital

Thank you everyone! We are proud and honored to have assisted in the fundraising for the new ICU and the painting of the Hospital! It was a great honor to be able to have achieved this. A big thank you to the Children Hospital Trust, Cancer Doj, Vertical Logic Rope...
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The Little Optimist and his helpers! in Imizamo and Yethu 09/12/17

The  Little Optimist and his helpers hand out books to the children in Imizamo and Yethu. 120 Children received a book, for most of them it was their first book or their first book in their native tongue Xhosa. This allowing the children to build on their own hopes...
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A video of the Little Optimist @ the Volvo Ocean Race

The Little Optimist at the Volvo ocean race. 'Too small. too slow and too square to be a real sailing boat, this is what the bigger sailing boats tell the Little Optimist. Yet this Little Optimist has a huge heart! "...
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Growing Minds Learning & Therapy Center 07/12/17

HI Greg, I wanted to send a huge thank you once again for taking the time to visit us this week.  Our children were so thrilled and I had lots of very positive feedback from the parents.  As promised, I will do what I can to encourage our parents as well as others...
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Sharing your voice 07/12/17

Hi Greg Thank you for signing the book I bought from you yesterday. I have attached a picture of Ryan with his book. Today has been his best day since he was admitted! He has had less pain and sat in the chair to eat. Your message and story rang all his bells and he...
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Springfield Junior School Talk 24/11/17

The little Optimist , Greg Bertish and Karen Slater of Sailing SA  visit Springfield Junior school. It’s all about finding and following your passion.  This week it was about introducing the kids to sailing and teaching them that little people can do big things if...
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4th NOVEMBER – PADDLE 4 PRESENTS – Were you there? If not you, missed a great SUP day out

PADDLE 4 PRESENTS got the day off to a nice start collecting a big pile of presents for charity. If you missed the opportunity to brighten up a less fortunate child's Christmas you can support The Little Optimist Trust by going to and buy a...
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Welcome little Optimist.
You will join our #optimisticsailingacademy fleet. And one day you too will sail in #thegreatoptimistrace SAILING Magazine Children's Hospital Trust
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S P A C E 4 O P T I M I S T S
H E L P please......
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The Optimistic Sailing Academy for Sick & needy Kids! H E L P please! We need storage space please🙏🏻 Anything will do... ideally undercover. We are starting a sailing academy to help sick and needy kids find a passion and learn a skill. I need to store kids Optimist boats for the next 6 months while we set up & renovate them. HELP please 🙂 Spread the word. Pm me or mail

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