Little Optimist Screening at the Labia was a great success!

Thank you to all those who came through to show your support!

Some Film Reviews:

“The Little Optimist is one of those Documentaries which for a while after you’ve had the opportunity to watch it- you’re speechless. Whether it has inspired you, educated you, Given you that feeling of appreciation for what you have or even that fear of what you could still come to face.  It’s impossible not to deeply reflect on what you’ve just seen. This documentary truly is one of a kind and extremely Inspiring. When I walked out of the Labia Theater I had nothing but the feeling of pride to be able to say I work for Greg Bertish” – Annick Breton

“Little optimist is such an inspiring movie. The account of one man’s struggle to overcome illness and an almost impossible task is so relatable to anyone watching it. Greg and the rest of Bertish family are incredible humans! Keep the tissues in arms reach!”- Hugh Mitchell