The Little Optimist
Book review by Nik & Adam Rabinowitz
The Little Optimist wanted to be a real yacht and sail on the big ocean too. His dream was to go where no optimist had gone before. This is the story of the courage we all possess to chase our dreams, no matter how big.

The Little Optimist’s heart was as big as his dream. Not in a medical way, like he didn’t have a cardiomegaly or anything, he was just really brave. His triumphant tale represents one small step for optimists, and one giant leap for dinghies. He is The Little Boat that could.

Vibrantly illustrated by Chip Snaddon, The Little Optimist introduces young people to the notion that anything is possible, that they too can be brave, plucky and determined optimists, capable of fulfilling their most audacious ambitions.

“The Optimist went the whole way across the ocean, but they don’t really live in the Ocean. What would you do if you had to go across the ocean, and you were an optimist, how would you do that?” – Adam Rabinowitz, 5.