Dear The Little Optimist

On behalf of the Anna Foundation children, facilitators, and staff I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the
donation of the Little Optimist books provided to us. We are most appreciative. Your business makes such a
difference to non-profit organisations such as ours. Thank you!

We opened a large new Anna Foundation after-school project a short while ago, at Huguenoot Primary in
Robertson, so we were delighted to be able to give your fabulous books as part of the educational book allocation
per school.

As you can see from the faces of the children, they enjoyed the books tremendously.
Huge thanks Carol and all your staff for supporting the Anna Foundation as you have done. We truly value your
support and your faith in our work



Yours sincerely
Helen Lee, Marketing Manager Anna Foundation
+27 (0)21 – 885 1922 / +27 (0)834452297