Hi there Greg

 Wow – love your book the little Optimist – awesome! Well done! Really great inspirational and motivational story for kids to believe in themselves… Congrats!

Received them yesterday so will add them to my collection for Play Well asap…

I will keep in touch…

Have a lovely weekend and thank you again, 


Lara Anderson



“Cara’s absolute favorite! “

Derrick Mills

“After maybe the 10th Little Optimist reading this morning … our little Jack exclaims that he’ll never give up on his garden work.  He’s going to work with adults tools from now on; and he will never stop working until his jobs are done 🤘😊” 

Richard Bouwcher

Greg Bertish I do not get to see my grand-daughter, Riley Serene. These pics are the only contact we had for her 6th birthday.

Riley obviously loves her present from “Granny with the puppet”. Thank you, guys!

Merlera Kusin

Clicks Pharmacist

Many many years ago we were in the same class at nursery school. Most of the kids names I can no longer remember, but I’ve always remembered you Greg. I loved those years at Kildare and believe they nurtured and moulded me, but am sorry school was tough thereafter for you. It’s inexcusable that children aren’t guaranteed a nurturing and supportive environment during their school years. My daughter has been the victim of bullying and it’s horrifying and numbing to witness as a parent. Your story is inspiring and your gift will change the lives of many young people.

Belinda Smith

Dear Greg,I would like to sincerely thank you for the copy that you sent our school of your “the little optimist”. Bukho Ndiki delivered it to me. It has a lovely positive message and when I have assembly with the Senior Primary school students soon, I will show it to them. The Junior Primary teachers will also use it in one of their assemblies.

 Your generosity is highly appreciated.

With warm regards


Rykie Smit

Amanda Foster

21 August 2017

Dear Greg and Chip

 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your  donation of books to our children. So that you will understand the importance of your act, I would like to offer you some background to help you understand how your generosity will help our children.

 Pikkewyntjies Pre Primary is situated in Mooi Uitsig, a low socio community of Betty’s Bay.  Betty’s Bay, is a little town with no industries and therefor relies heavily on subsistence fishing. Mooi Uitsig is a relatively isolated community which is characterized by high level of unemployment, poverty as well as high levels of alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence and child abuse.

 Pikkewyntjies Pre Primary was founded in September 2007 and is an independent community based school that serves the impoverished communities of Rooi Els, Pringle Bay as well as Betty’s Bay.

 We are  a Non-Profit organisation, a project of Child Welfare South Africa under the auspices of their Kleinmond Office.  Although CWSA:  Kleinmond is our mother body, we do not receive any financial support from them.  Pikkewyntjies Pre Primary has their own Management Committee and Bank account and there for are solely responsible for their accounts and funding.

 The inspiration behind the founding of the school was to create a safe environment for the children of the communities and to teach them Early Childhood Development skills, and last year we have registered with WCED for our 5-6 year old children curriculum. 

 Our kids are so bright-eyed, so passionate about the school and so unspoiled.  The children who moved on to Primary School bring their rapport cards to me every term.  This is so rewarding to see how they progressed, most of them just have 6 & 7 on their rapports (the highest marks) The Primary Schools wants our children to attend their schools because they are well disciplined, lovable and the best of all, and they WANT to learn. We are able to give our children 2 full meals a day (for most this is the last time they have something to eat till the next morning).   We have a beautiful school with even more beautiful children.    

 Me and the kids LOVE your book although it is in English, I read it and then translate it to them, thus they also get a little bit of English teaching as well.  The book also has a valuable lesson in it, and that I appreciate!

 I can just express my thanks and my deepest appreciation for your contribution towards our kids.

 Love, Zaan and kids


Pikkewyntjies/Penguinkidz Pre Primary

20 – 08 – 17

What a fabulous little book with a big message. My grandkids loved the story and illustrations.

Bev Mclucky Roebert

Gwen Sparks

Nadine Borchard

Love it.❤️  Tait has made me read his book to him so many times, The other night I had to even read it backwards to him.  In the ideal world, every child should have a copy.

Natasha White Townsend

Adele MomNdela Grosse

HI Greg

Well done.

We all read your book on the weekend and loved the story and graphics. Inspirational.

Thanks for our copy. Just need a ‘little one’ round the house to read it to from time to time. 

Nadine Tedder

Jackie Fourie De Billiot

“So Stoked With The Little Optimist Book!”

Bas & Dad Tristan

Hi Greg

 I just want to say that your book is awesome. My boys loved the story.

 Keep up the good work. You are great inspiration and have touched a lot of hearts!!!

Kim Grobbelaar

AD Manager: CRM & Applications

Dear Greg, 

Sitting at Dario and have just read your book! Absolutely fantastic! So inspirational and beautiful and imparts great wisdom. I will be in U.S.A. So will miss your launch unfortunately but Nadine and Josh will be there. Best of luck with the launch and project. I have no doubt that it will be a great success! 

Professor Wayne Derman

MBChB BSc (Med) (Hons) Phd FFIMS

Hey Greg 

just wanted to share this with you…. Skyla loves the book. she was feeling nervous, anxious for her maths test so she grabbed the little Optimist and the next morning i found this note☺

You are reaching all ages. I thought this book would be to young for them as they are 11 , but damn it is like a bible for these kids. You are a gem xx”

Janeen Smith


SUP Cape Town

The Little Optimist arrives in Thailand:


Thanks for the books, we received them this morning.
Olivia loves it !


Take care XX


James Haste James Haste


“I will order one for me to keep when I get back , its my new favorite children’s book! You just bumped off green eggs and ham !!! “



Thanks for the book Greg Bertish it’s wonderful x

Pippa Hudson

Cape Talk Radio

“Your beautiful little book just made me cry 😊 what a special special book❤ you may be very proud of your little optimist!”

Jennifer Koopmans

Mom Of 2 Boys, Boston USA

“The Little Optimist is the story of freedom encapsulated in the spirit of the wind.”

Bertie Philips

Chairman, South African Jewish Maritime League, SA JML

Miles Gilham

Best book ever! 
Jed (5) loves the little Optimist 🙂 
Robbie Whiteman

Kids at Valley Pre-primary reading , discussing and loving the little Optimist book!


Today Luca said he heard the best story EVER (and he LOVES to listen to stories!) 😍 he said Ryder’s dad wrote the story and Liesl his teacher read it to the class 😎 super fancy! Any way we can buy a copy of that book somewhere?
Luca's Mom

Xpression On The Beach

 Loving the beautiful illustrations,  story and message of the Little Optimist !

David Ginsberg

UHS Director Finance and Administration

Was great to hear your heart Greg – thanks again! My 8yr old was enthralled … “really a true story Dad!?”
 See ya on the beach 
Dr.Michael Mol


I loved reading this book to my children, not only because of the unique story and wonderful illustration, but also because it teaches them courage and belief in oneself.  
Louis Driver

Mom & CEO of The Children’s Hospital Trust

Josie Borain