Proudly Sponsored By Warwick Wealth


We are proud to partner with Warwick Wealth who are a local and international investment house, known as ‘The Investment Specialists’. Exceptional products, service performance epitomise Warwick. Established in 2002 as ‘The Investment Specialists’, and now operating locally and internationally, Warwick Wealth is focused on its unique products designed for those looking for quality investment products and services.

Their donation allows for the launch of the Little Optimist project , and will help to cover most of Gregs fixed costs for the Ocean Voyage.The balance of the funds for safety, modification, and logistics have been donated by friends and followers, thank you.


All further donations can be made by clicking on the button above – and every cent (minus the 5% Back-A-Buddy fee and bank fee) will go to the Childrens Hospital Trust for their new ICU ward.

The Little Optimist would also like to thank the below companies for their sponsorship and donations :