The Great Optimist Race (Annual Race/Event/ School & Fundraiser)

Based on my Adventure and what the little Optimist has achieved, we are  setting  up a yearly Open Ocean Optimist Race for Adults: Ideally from Cape Town round Robben Island to Melkbos / or back to Cape Town   OR from Simonstown to Fishoek (or visa versa) (Approx. 10 to 20 Km in Optimists in the Open Ocean – By adults, for Kids) 1 st Race is Scheduled for  OCT 2017.

– Many  Opi’s will be bought and sponsored (new or Used) by a Corporate or individual– After the race they will donate the Opi to the Program for Development/ Poor and sick/ recovering/recovered Kids
Further boats will be Rented/ leased for the event and profits to to NSRI, The Little Optimist Trust & partners. Sponsorship of each boat/skipper in the race, per KM , by corporate s and individuals  – All profits to above Charities / Projects.

– Boats will be donated to the TRUST & stored at Sailing Clubs and used  for FREE OPI lessons and Learn To Sail Days offered throughout the year to Children in HOSPITAL/ RECOVERING/ IN REMISSION and who are POOR & in NEED. ( A Sailing School and Program for sick, needy and poor kids) Then made available to that sponsor each year for the Optimist Challenge race.



-An annual Optimist Race in Cape Town – starting with +/-20 boats and building to 50 plus boats in the years to come. Then take it to other areas and countries.

– I want this to inspire both Sick KIDS,  and Kids and people worldwide
– I want disadvantaged and sick and recovered Kids to LEARN a craft/Trade/Skill and develop a passion for something beautiful and healthy

– We aim to store these Donated Opi’s at Sailing Clubs, and form a sailing School and Program for sick, recovering, recovered and poor Kids in a few locations around the western cape and then RSA..
– I aim to take this concept across the country and the world. By linking up with one of the biggest Class of sailing dinghy in the world.( Optimist sailors, clubs and associations around the world)

*Like we do with Paddle 4 Presents – run in Cape Town, Durban, now JHB  in 2013/14,15,16 and with the idea and interest from Australia and the UK for events there as well, this year.

Aim: Local & worldwide awareness and potentially other events. 
With the pure Aim of  raising  over R100000 per year and building a fleet of donated Opi’s  for The Trust & The Sailing Program.

To date we have been offered and gifted 4 Optimists, and hope reach 10 by October.

to assist or donate please contact