All about the formation of the charity

Between 2001 and 2017, Greg worked with and represented charities such as The Heart & Stroke Foundations, National Sea Rescue , Friends of the Children and The Children’s Hospital Trust.

In 2004 he set up and  co- founded the now internationally acclaimed Program,  which he ran for 2 years, before securing funding from The World Wildlife Fund, Save Our Seas Foundation and the City of Cape Town.  Greg still remains chairman of the Steering Committee.

In 2017 he launched The Little Optimist Trust, with a mission to grow optimism amongst compromised and marginalised kids, and to help them to survive and thrive in life. He has helped raise over 4 Million Rand for these charities.

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” I loved reading this book to my children, not only because of the unique story and wonderful illustration, but also because it teaches them courage and belief in oneself.  “ Louise Driver, mom and CEO of The Children’s Hospital Trust

Social Partners

Little Optimist Trust
Aquarium Foundation
National Sea Rescue Institute
Sailing South Africa
9 Miles Project

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