Competition Winners

The Colouring Competition December Winner: Thomas – 9 years old

Thomas coloured his heart out at the Herschel Carnival, he was so proud of his picture that he kept telling his mom to check her phone as he thinks he will be the winner. Determination and belief takes you far.


The Colouring Competition November Winner: Nicole 6 years

Nicole desperately wanted to win the colouring in competition as she spent every day at the Little Optimist stand colouring in a picture. She was shy at first but as the next day came at the Boatshow 2018, she grew her confidence and was helping other kids with their pictures and telling them what to do. She always has a big smile on her face and her nature is sweet and calm. We all looked forward to having her pop in at our stand to indulge in her mission to colour.


The Colouring Competition November Winner: Logan 6 years

Logan is a very happy little boy and despite his special needs, he took on the colouring in challenge without any hesitation. We watched him as he made it his point to colour in between the lines and make his image bright and happy. His image was one of the best that we received and it was a great honour to award him the prize and see his face light up.
What a little fighter this champ is.  No matter his circumstance, he most certainly blew us away with his art.


The Colouring Competition October Winner: Rachel  





The Colouring Competition September Winner: Xavier





The Colouring Competition August Winner: Evah





The Colouring Competition July Winner: Zoey





The Colouring Competition June Winner: William