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Good afternoon Greg,

We as Lawhill Maritime Centre would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the opportunity afforded to some of our student on Friday. It is through people like yourself that students find the courage to continue through the hard times and make a success of their lives.

We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between our organisations.

We wish you the absolute best for all your future endeavours.

Kind Regards,

Roelf Karelse






Good afternoon ladies,

Just a huge thank you from Lawhill’s side for the opportunity you made possible for the four students on Friday. We got the best feedback from them.

Please find attached letters of thanks from the students.

May your organisations always grow from strength to strength.

Best of Regards,

Roelf Karelse


Dear Mam ( and Little optimist Team)


Greetings Mam ,We as the Lawhill guys namely Tom, Sive , Sabelo and Salmon who visited the Little Optimist, Aquarium and Boat show friday morning , we would like to thank you for being with us for the day and assisting on what to do and where to go.


We really had a great day out sailing with the little optimist and also checking out the marine life at the aquarium. The food also was so delicious we also send our thanks for that too and for some of us it was the first time eating out in a restaurant.


In a nutshell , thank you very much Mam, God bless.


yours sincerely

Tom, Sive , Sabelo and Salmon

All our pleasure  🙂

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