Dear Greg

Rory and Family – Hi Gregg, its Rory the carpenter. Thank you for a truly inspirational evening last night at Groote Schuur. Thank you again, my little family have faced huge challenges in the past, and sometimes one feels like the world is pressing down on one and it takes all you have to get up, dust yourself off and keep on. Last night gave Dhilshad and I the inspiration and knowledge that no matter how big the challenge, there are others facing problems that cause our own to pale into insignificance.  As I intimated last night I am eager to volunteer in your boat refurbishing project. I may not have worked on any kind of vessel, but I have worked with marine ply, fibreglass and other media which with a little research I am sure I can apply to your project. Because of last night I have started looking into building myself a little “big optimist” in which I hope to learn the art of sailing, and who knows, perhaps one day in the not too distant future there may be a little fleet of little boats retracing your incredible journey… If it ever happened I certainly would love to be in one of those little boats.

The Smith Family – My twin daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed your movie night in the waterfront on Thursday night, what a blessing it was to sit in the open air and the smell of the ocean whilst watching you take on the big ocean with the little optimist. 
The one twin kept relating to everytime the word “small” or “little” was spoken, she would say”mom just like us. “They had lots of questions and I know we left with our own individual inspiration. You mentioned the importance of family love and support and inspiring each other through one’s own journey.  We were sitting behind you and your family and it was so special to see Tracy and the Boyz sitting there as if it was the first time watching, I even snug a pic
Looking forward to many more