After beating the odds, and surviving major infections, operations in 2001 & 2006, re infections and nearly 200 days in hospital, Greg survived & thrives.

Speaker - Greg Bertish

Unique, Real & Powerful!

This will Inspire you, shift your perceived reality & make you want to do good!

After beating the odds, and surviving major infections, operations in 2001 & 2006, re infections and nearly 200 days in hospital, Greg survived & thrives. The power of positive thought and the strength of the human spirit have helped him piece back his life and his lifestyle. He loves helping to inspire others to do the same in all aspects of their lives;  at work and at play. He  specially enjoys speaking to kids and patients who may be facing recovery, hardship or just everyday life obstacles.

 As a multiple heart surgery survivor, he has gone on to Shift the perceived reality of what a heart patient is.  He is a father and husband first; started and owns 2 successful businesses,  has gone on to become a South African Lifesaving and Stand Up Paddle Board Champion, an Awards nominated Big Wave Surfer, the founder of The Sharkspotter Program ,  all-heart.org and more.

Speaking Topics available:

1. #fineisfantastic– How being just fine, is actually Fantastic! Insight & inspiration that helps make you realize how lucky we are.

2. #survive&thrive -Overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. Life can be tough. Medically(physical or mental), personally (relationships/family) financially, at work or school

3. #littlepeoplecandobigthings –As a kid I was shy, lacked self-esteem, was a poor student, had bad acne, was depressive & did not excel at sport or in any part of life – how did I change this?

4. #familyandtheimportantthingsinlife – Cliché’s all make sense when you have faced a life threatening situation. Don’t wait for this Moment to find out what really counts in this ONE life!

5. #passiontoprofit  – How following my passion and love for the ocean has led to everything GOOD in my life! In Life, this is true on many levels (love, work & finances)

6. #theyneversawmecoming – It’s actually COOL to be different! Use your uniqueness and differences to your advantage.

7. #thisreallife – A combination of all of the above Topics


Greg offers School Talks, corporate talks, inspiration days and movie screenings.

50% of any funds raised are donated to the Little Optimist Trust Charity or one of their projects.

Alternatively you can support with a  sponsorship to screen and show his movie and share his story with hospitalised or  disadvantaged, underprivileged school children around South Africa.

For more info or to book a talk contact cara@thelittleoptimist.org


“I must be honest.  I have never heard a more powerful and perfect  talk than I heard tonight from Greg. He reduced me completely. It was the most inspirational and powerful talk I have heard in many years, and I love powerful talks. Greg, … respect!” – Ian Klopper – NSRI station commander / Emergency Paramedic 

A “best ever” speaker relating his inspirational challenges he has overcome and children related projects he is tackling .- Richard Kohler Centaury City CC

You have such an amazing ability to reach out to  and inspire all ages– Elaine Aquadro NSRI

Thank you for your very inspiring talk and presentation, I left choked up by your journey and how you have handled it head on. Thank you for prioritizing what you’ve learnt and sharing your lessons – SACS High School parent

I’d like to thank you for the phenomenal presentation you gave to our staff of Sub-Saharan Africa. – Charles Brewer , Managing Director  DHL Sub Saharan Africa

Your talk certainly inspired and touched me in a huge way. The feedback has been phenomenal! Your presentation was brilliant-SACS PTA

You are a wonderful role model, and your talk was fun, accessible, powerful and inspirational. – J Baron,  School Councilor Pinelands High School

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