What a wonderful, wonderful life….. and so it should be! 

A beautiful evening at the movies at the Waterfront. Under the mountain and under the stars. Thank you Cape Town. See you at the Great Optimist Race on the 20th.

A message we received from one of the moms – PLEASE READ!

“This morning when I told Luca that we need to go for our bi-weekly blood count, he was down and out. A few minutes later he came to me saying: “Mom, after last night with Greg Bertish and The Little Optimist movie I am putting my shoulders back and taking this on with a positive attitude.” Thank you Greg Bertish for doing what you are doing and for bringing hope and optimism to young and old. I am grateful that my son has a role-model in you. Next month will be our 2 year anniversary since Luca was diagnosed with t-cell Leukemia, on my birthday. Phew, 2 years of new normal and we keep on fighting. We stand strong in faith and we solder on. My Luca boy is such a brave-heart!! EVERY day still taking his daily chemo tablets; every Monday still taking his weekly handful of chemo tablets; still braving our journey to hospital every 2nd week for a blood count; still going for IV chemo every 28 days in hospital. OPTIMISTICALLY still beating the hell out of cancer and trying to attend school as often as possible. If all keeps going well it is still another 2 and a half year minimum on this maintenance protocol and we cannot do it without having people like Greg Bertish shining the light of hope and OPTIMISM for so many. Was also GREAT to see old friend Paul Couzis and his beautiful family at the event. Well done to Italtile for supporting Greg’s amazing efforts.
Today Luca’s white cell count is a bit low which explains him not feeling too great. But we stay positive and OPTIMISTIC. GRATITUDE
#LucaBringerOfLIGHT “

Greg replied: “Adele; Luca and your family are an inspiration to me. I love being able to help in any way possible”. ?????❤️

Please take the time out to go through some of these amazing images we got from the event!