Smooth sailing at the Optimist Sailing Academy

Smooth sailing at the Optimist Sailing Academy

At The Little Optimist Trust we are passionate about sailing therapy and our presence at The Cape Town International Boat Show was another opportunity for us to bring kids down to the water and get them sailing. We hosted children from Reach for a Dream, 9 Miles Project, STS Lawhill Maritime Academy, St.Joseph’s Home and Rotary. According to the Royal Yachting Association sailing is a powerful tool for children and helps to develop key character attributes:
– Creativity
– Teamwork
– Determination
– Communication
– Independence
– Confidence
All of our little guests who attended The Little Optimist Sailing Academy were either facing health challenges or difficult economic and social circumstances at home. Learning these key attributes empowers them to face their challenges head on and learn that small people can do HUGE things.
They thoroughly enjoyed their time on the water, their faces lighting up as they embraced the experience. One of our little guests was petrified of the water but after being coaxed in to a boat, we couldn’t get him out again! 
Thank You to the Two Oceans Aquarium who spoilt each youngster with a free entry, to Primi Waterfront for the delicious pizzas and to Milky Lane for the great ice cream treats, a perfect end to a perfect day.
‘Voice’ winner Craig Lucas to swop mike for Great Optimist Race boat

‘Voice’ winner Craig Lucas to swop mike for Great Optimist Race boat

Cape Town – Voice SA season 2 winner Craig Lucas will swop his microphone for a boat when he sails an Optimist (children’s dinghy) in the Great Optimist Race at the V&A Waterfront tomorrow.

His mission is to raise funds and awareness for charity.

Lucas is an ambassador for The Justice Desk and is so passionate about the work the organisation does that he put aside any apprehensions he had about learning to sail and climbed on board.

“A lot of people come to me and ask me for assistance with charity organisations but you always feel after you’ve done something (you’re) not really making a long-term impact,’’ he said.

“I heard about the Justice Desk through them contacting my mom and they are not a charity organisation as much as they are a human rights organisation. They go into underprivileged communities and teach them about human rights.

“They’ve done incredible things. For example, they’ve gone to a school where human trafficking was a bad problem. They taught the kids how to prevent it and actually stopped two girls from being taken within a year.

“The school kids themselves did that. And that’s what they do, they empower communities.”

The organisation also teaches boxing to girls that have been raped and abused. “They get them in every Saturday and give them a boxing class.

“I attended one where they showed me a girl who was new and the girls who have been there for months and the difference in their confidence was amazing.

“The new girl was so sad and quiet and her self-esteem had been destroyed.

“But the other girls were helping her. It’s incredible and they are going to make a big difference and I’m just really happy to be a part of it.”