Thank you Bertish brothers

Thank you Bertish brothers

Dear Bertish Brothers

Thank you so much for your delightful donation of Christmas gifts. Your donation was greatly appreciated and what a treat for our patients who are so grateful and pleased to be given a new toy, to hear a new story or to have something of their very own to cuddle. Thank you for always thinking of our children, helping to bring smiles to their little faces and making their Christmas special. We are truly grateful to you.

Each child deserves to be happy after the traumatic experience of hospitalisation. We, therefore rely on the support of the community to fulfil this wish.

Your donation is extremely important to us and most especially to our children at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. We need and value your continuing support. Thank you once again.


Yours sincerely,


FOCHA Management

Greg visits Joe Public in Amsterdam

To the Little Optimist Trust Team

Huge thanks to Greg Bertish, who visited us at our Advertising Agency in Amsterdam in November this year.

We will be making a  nice donation to the Trust this week, in appreciation for the great work you do.

With his talk of about 20 minutes and the ‘Optimist’ movie,  Greg has managed to sail straight to our hearts. It makes you realize it’s people like Greg that REALLY make a difference in our world. I hope a lot more companies ask Greg to inspire them. Let’s create a wind force that blows ‘The Little Optimist’ further and further.”

-Antoine Houtsma-

Founder and Creative Director of Joe Public Amsterdam

Met vriendelijke groet,

Antoine Houtsma

South Africans paddle to bring some Christmas cheer

South Africans paddle to bring some Christmas cheer

Christmas will be a little more cheerful for the patients at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital after the annual Paddle 4 Presents event collected almost 300 toys that will be donated to the institution.

More than 60 paddlers, ranging in age from four to 74, filled the canals of Battery Park at the Waterfront this Thursday as part of the charity event. Paddle 4 Presents was started in 2012 by Greg Bertish, a former Springbok Stand-Up paddler, and founder of the Little Optimist Trust.

This year’s paddle event

This year’s event was hosted by The Little Optimist Trust in collaboration with SUP Cape Town and The Friends of the Children Association. 

Over 265 soft toys were collected for the children at Red Cross Children’s Hospital for Christmas, and more than R6000 was raised for the Friends of the Children Association and The Little Optimist Trust.

The toys will be delivered to The Kids of the Red Cross Hospital at the Christmas Parade on December 12.


And thanks to sponsors RYD, Xpression, Signature and Ullman Sails, almost half the competitors won prizes in the lucky draws.

How you can get involved

There is still time for you to add to the donations. If you are interested in donating either funds or toys, please visit

Dame Awards – That’s what we do!

Dame Awards – That’s what we do!


Thank you @metstrade @raiamsterdam and @dameawards Thank you @twooceansmarine @ullman_sails @italtilesa You have helped us make a difference! And for that we are eternally grateful! 

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Smooth sailing at the Optimist Sailing Academy

Smooth sailing at the Optimist Sailing Academy

At The Little Optimist Trust we are passionate about sailing therapy and our presence at The Cape Town International Boat Show was another opportunity for us to bring kids down to the water and get them sailing. We hosted children from Reach for a Dream, 9 Miles Project, STS Lawhill Maritime Academy, St.Joseph’s Home and Rotary. According to the Royal Yachting Association sailing is a powerful tool for children and helps to develop key character attributes:
– Creativity
– Teamwork
– Determination
– Communication
– Independence
– Confidence
All of our little guests who attended The Little Optimist Sailing Academy were either facing health challenges or difficult economic and social circumstances at home. Learning these key attributes empowers them to face their challenges head on and learn that small people can do HUGE things.
They thoroughly enjoyed their time on the water, their faces lighting up as they embraced the experience. One of our little guests was petrified of the water but after being coaxed in to a boat, we couldn’t get him out again! 
Thank You to the Two Oceans Aquarium who spoilt each youngster with a free entry, to Primi Waterfront for the delicious pizzas and to Milky Lane for the great ice cream treats, a perfect end to a perfect day.