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Colouring in is a form of expression.  And is so important for kids to learn the art of colour (see what we did there), from such a young age.
It promotes creativity which is vital in the development and of course, it’s a FUN activity to do!
As we love enriching loves as much as our community does for us, we’re running a monthly colouring-in competition to give back and make kids feel as awesome as they make us feel!

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Click on the image you wish to download and colour in!

Don’t forget to enter our colouring-in competition, kids!

Great prizes are up for grabs; some cool new gear from The Little Optimist and some awesome sponsored items by Two Oceans Aquarium.



Step 1: Colour in any of the two pictures above by asking an adult to help you download them and print them for you.
Go to the back of your Little Optimist storybook and colour them in there!

Step 2: Put your Name, Age and a telephone number on your picture.

Step 3:  Take a photo of it and email it to (you may want to get an adult to help on this one as well).
Upload to Instagram using the hashtag #TheLittleOptimist and don’t forget to follow us while you’re there, @littleoptimist


Check out our previous competition winners and have a look at the goodies they’ve won!
We cannot wait to receive your entries!



All our love,

The Little Optimist Team


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