Dear Greg, Cara and Amy


Wow – what a weekend! Huge big well done for literally keeping heads above water – it is rather rare that I get to see a team – in action – under stress – who all just keep smiling.

But all for good reason as you pulled of a fantastic event and activation with tremendous heart!


The boats looked incredible – and I am looking forward to seeing many kids inspired and sailing soon.


The competitors / participants showed fantastic spirit, determination, fun, some frustration – getting stuck under the bridge is real – hahaha, but mostly support for some brilliant causes. Greg – you most likely is the only person in the world who could convince a bunch of adults to squeeze into such tiny little boats and try and sail.

I have an extra ocean of respect for you now as spending time in a Opti is fun for sure – but yoiks – rather uncomfortable (I have some nifty opti bruises all over – and that after a 200m sail, never mind 200km). I had a great time hanging out with Jasper and Caleb in the lead (will be my claim to fame for many years – leading the pack for part of the race) – but also really enjoyed witnessing the ‘don’t give up attitudes’ by non-seafarers such as Arno – his rockstar vibes pulled him through for sure.

Best part too was Cleeve whining about the the fact that I managed to lap him – hahaha (well, best part for me).


The fact that Cleeve had so much fun being squashed and whacked over the head numerous times, is just testimony of the the power of doing good!


Real best best part of course was having the opportunity to see the amazement and delight of the 9 miles, Lawhill and Reach for a Dream kids – on your boats and in the Aquarium.

I must also just mention that I met all the Lawhill boys during their lunch – and their manners were incredibly. They all stood up and greeted me by hand and thanked me.

What gentleman. I am proud to say that Lawhill will be one of our first schools where we roll out our new Marine Science syllabus for Gr 10 – 12, and I am even more excited about that now after meeting those chaps.


Then  – lastly – the ZVYC / Sailing Academy chaps (Mornay’s team) – I wish I could adopt them all as brothers! They are amazing! I had a great time with 1/2 the group doing a quick behind the scenes Aquarium walk about late Saturday afternoon – and have given them a standing invitation to come and enjoy the Aquarium whenever they want (they reciprocated with a standing invitation to come and sail with them – which I will certainly take them up on – I am keen for more SPEED sailing with Mornay in his racing sonnet).

What a great and hardworking group of guys. Wish I could employ them all.


So – big well done and THANK you!

Also – golly goodness me – you really did not have to give me anything – as I just did what I know as normal – but the beautiful Sealand bag is very much appreciated.

I am super fond of Mike and Jasper – and LOVE their kit,  and I have been eyeing out one of those bags for quite some time now – so – thank you thanks thanks – but it was not necessary at all.

Cara – happy birthday also for today – I have a tiny little present for you – but could not find you later in the afternoon – Natasha said she will drop it off – something very small – but funky 🙂


OK – bring on next year – I already have some cool people on my list of suggestions as sailors – yayyyyy!


Cheerios and much appreciation,





Maryke Musson