What a privilege to listen to Greg Bertish this morning.
Surfer, business owner, entrepreneur, survivor of two heart operations, sailor, traveller, adventurer, influencer and fundraiser and an advocate of DONT EVER QUIT…and author of the book “The Little Optimist”.
This man is such an inspiration! He is appealing to all audience ages and we were fortunate to have him as a guest this morning at Ambleside School of Hout Bay assembly!
If you see this book please buy it! For every book bought a copy will be donated to children who are ill or living in impoverished environments AND they print in African languages too!
What a wonderful man, a wonderful story and what wonderful work he is doing in helping, inspiring and #givingback
Kim Worrall
Always a pleasure 🙂
If you’re interested in Greg coming to your school to give out a little inspiration, please get in touch!