Mr G Bertish
The Little Optimist Island Business Park 8 Section Street PAARDEN EILAND 7405


26 March 2019
Dear Mr Bertish
Thank you so much for your kind donation to NSRI.

Our rescue crew are all unpaid volunteers who, at a moment’s notice, will leave their families or their workplace to head out to assist a stranger. Our crew spend hours training and honing their skills. We are a well equipped team and join hands with other rescue services to search for and rescue any person, or animal, who finds themselves in difficulty on the sea or on inland estuaries, rivers and dams. From time to time we step in and assist during civil emergencies such as fires and floods. Many times we are able to successfully bring home a loved one, other times all we can do is sit with a family and support them when they need it most.

Your donation means a lot to us, not only as a gesture of support but, without contributions like yours, we simply could not afford the equipment we need to do the job. In addition to our rescue equipment, boats and fuel – we also secure funds for maintenance and crew insurance.

Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to us and assist us in such a practical way. We are very grateful. Kind regards



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